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The only way out was to accept and cope with the situation. So Darpan ensured he performed well at school, where he rarely scored less than 85 percent. I was 13 years old then.

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Darpan later signed up with Shekar Sahu, an international chess master based in Mumbai for further training. Darpan uses either a wooden or acrylic chessboard with holes in the middle of every square and nails affixed to every Pawn.

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He gets to know whether the piece is King, Queen, Knight, Rook or Bishop based on the shape of the piece. Darpan participated in various tournaments and has won many laurels.

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He competed against sighted players at State-level chess tournaments as part of the U13, U15 and U17 categories, and has represented Gujarat at the nationals. He became the youngest player to win the National Blind Chess Championship at the age of 16 in Darpan has represented the country four times in World Blind Chess Championships. He is also the only Indian visually impaired chess player to have ever won an international prize at the Creon Open chess tournament in France in Darpan was featured in Algorithms, an award-winning documentary directed by Ian McDonald, which details the little-known sporting field of blind chess in India.

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  • Darpan has not only outdone himself in the game of chess but also in academics. He is currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy and has already cleared the intermediate exam in his first attempt.

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    He has also taken vocal training in Indian classical music. He is a yellow belt in karate.

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    Inani completed his entire schooling from a normal school, Baroda High school, Alkapuri, Vadodara gujrat. He was the only blind student there. He opted for commerce stream in his 11th std. Scoring He cleared CA entrance and intermediates in first attempt and has already cleared one group of CA finals.

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    He completed his B. He plans to apply for IIM later in his career. Inani won his first open district tournament under 14 at Baroda in the year He beat sighted opponents to win the title. He then represented India in the World junior chess championship for the visually challenged held at Rhodes in Greece in He won the bronze medal in the World Individual Junior chess Championship for the blind and visually impaired held at Serbia in September He overcame Damjan in the tie-break to take the third position.

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    He is the only Indian visually impaired chess player to have ever won an international prize at the Creon open chess tournament open sighted tournament in his rating category ELO — in France, in August His life journey was the main theme of the advertisement, which illuminated how he overcame the manifold hurdles that came his way.

    This advertisement was appreciated and recognized by public at large. Inani has featured in the award winning [6] [7] Chess documentary film Algorithms directed by Ian McDonald.

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    The film features three upcoming blind players who reveal their daily struggles, anxieties and hopes. Inani has recently started a YouTube channel in the name of "Darpan Inani". Inani is an eloquent orator. His style of expression is very free spirited and unconventional. He has delivered talks on many reputable platforms and events. He believes that inclusive education not only helps in academic excellence but also leads to the development of the society holistically by promising full social inclusion.

    He is also associated with Project checkmate, an initiative to spread blind chess in India.