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You used to think that the civil rights movement was over and the battle for racial equality won.

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But then the internet showed you black men getting mowed down like weeds. You witnessed a militarized police force killing blacks without consequence. You saw Baton Rouge and North Miami and you never had to leave your basement or change out of your pajamas. You observed it first hand and when you did, you knew better.

You thought that invading Iraq only burdened the guilty Iraqis.

Using Technology for the Kingdom of God

You never saw a U. You could keep on believing we were the good guys, with our globe-trotting military, righting wrongs. No down side. Just bye bye bad guys. Oh look, there's U. Maybe you even felt a little divine retribution, and a little joy, over a job well done. But then there was Chelsea Manning and Wikileaks and you saw the footage - hidden from you by the U.

You looked on the internet and your god-power began to grow. You ran a quick web search of the terms "veteran" and "suicide" and the search engine showed you the loss on "your" side. And you knew better.

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You believed the stories about the U. But then the internet made you god and you saw the collapsed ruins of the factory where your clothes were made. You got your god ability so quickly that time, that you got to look at the rubble while people were still inside: dying. And face it, god, you knew better. Bewildered, guilty, you shunned your omnipotence and turned on the approved mainstream media. They changed the subject; took your mind off the blood on your new blouse.

You got the 30 second soundbite about refugees and foreigners hurting your country, your future, your kids, you. How very ungodlike not to use your powers, to let others think for you. What kind of god would have believed Eve when she said she didn't bite the apple?

Using the Internet for God’s Glory in the Arab World

But then you remembered your cousin Jinny was sending you her bread pudding recipe, so you hopped onto Facebook and your newsfeed showed that viral picture of the 3-year-old child - bloody and filthy - from a bomb strike in Syria. And you knew that's what a refugee really looked like.

Your god power told you that he, his parents, and a world full of people like him are victims in need of your care.


The internet has made you god, but what have you done with the power? Oh, I hear you. I hear your protests that being a god requires more than omniscience. It requires the ability to act in some large universal way.

You think you don't have that god power. In conversations with real people online, they learned about the Gospel and made a decision to follow Christ. After research revealed the popularity of Facebook among Arabic speakers, the internet evangelism team developed a Facebook page and released video advertisements specific to Arabs—encouraging people to ask our online coaches spiritual questions through Facebook Messenger. After continued conversation with the online coach, Ali asked how he could become a follower of Christ and prayed to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Your words. Because God loves us, he brings us to the well of safety—to a safe place. Give Menu. Give Online Your gift helps share the Gospel.

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