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Neale Donald Walsch. Here is a spiritual and social tour-de-force that will leave you flying high, filled with hope, and feeling capable of handling all of Our Tomorrows.

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At last, there is a positive word about humanity's future-and a clear and simple way for each of us to affect it. From the author of Conversations with God comes a book that, like Book 1 , you'll find yourself reading again and again. The author of seven New York Times bestsellers in the world-captivating Conversations with God series, Neale Donald Walsch offers us a striking explanation for the upheaval we are seeing all over our planet right now, then proposes a simple plan by which we can impact both our personal and collective future in an extraordinary positive way.

Discusses Swan's remote viewing experiences of the Moon, and his encounters with the mysterious "Mr. Helmut Lammer.


Not very well known but important early study on the military abduction phenomenon. Terry Hansen. Classic analysis of mainstream media's role in the UFO Cover-up by a recently deceased friend. Richard M. The most thorough treatment so far of the UFO cover-up. Steven Greer. An invaluable collection of testimony from many military and government insiders relating to UFOs. I consider this a very important book with generally very compelling statements.

Ryan Wood. The best collection and analysis of alleged crash retrievals of UFOs. Bill Chalker. Fascinating analysis of one of the most bizarre apparent encounters with "Others" ever discussed. Joseph P. Research and analysis of the Nazi connection, among other things, to UFOs. Kathleen Marden and Stanton T. The definitive account of the most famous UFO abduction. Robert Hastings. UFOs and Nukes. Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites Important collection of accounts of UFO incursions over nuclear installations. Donald Schmitt and Tom Carey. Witness to Roswell Probably the best of the Roswell books, benefiting from years of research by many investigators, and very well put together.

Michael Salla. Exposing U. Governmental Policies on Extraterrestrial Life After Disclosure Analysis of the end of UFO secrecy and the likely repercussions. Leslie Kean. A well-researched and put-together collection of UFO accounts from highly credible sources. Scott and Suzanne Ramsey.

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An important book, persuasively making a case for the long-dismissed claims of a UFO crash in Aztec, New Mexico in Michael Swords ed. Detailed analysis by different researchers of official documentation on UFOs from several nations. UFOs for the 21st Century Mind Up-to-date appraisal and analysis of the entire UFO phenomenon.

Christopher O'Brien. The latest and best analysis of the animal mutilation mystery. Roger Leir. Roger Leir's best statement on the reality of alien implants and much more. Michael Waldrop.

The Storm Before the Calm: Book 1 in the Conversations with Humanity Series

Schwaller de Lubicz. A modern Hermetic Philosophy approach.

Laing's work is one of the most exploratory psychological series of essays of his time. Note : Covey has since come out with a new book on what he considers to be a beneficial 8th habit of personal change. An intensive look at personal zodiac signs. Gendlin, PhD. I have other books on this topic too. Streicher, PhD. Page, MD. Page, M. Friedman, Dr.

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Edgar Mitchell, and Dr. Bruce Maccabee. Friedman and Kathleen Marden. Book published with permission from Neale Donald Walsch www.

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Can we talk? We are experiencing The Overhaul of Humanity. Okay, there you have it. The whole agenda. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Energy Book Time to heal….

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