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Can The Government Seize Your Land?

Now a senior at Flagler and a member of the local Black Lives Matter chapter, Malone understands what her mother meant. Her education in St. Augustine has been marked by incidents of prejudice,. Augustine is typified by two Confederate monuments situated in the heart of. Augustine Board. Last October, St. Options range from doing nothing to adding a new monument next to the Confederate memorial. Cultural Center, which is dedicated to St. Augustine's black history, and Fort Mose, the first free black settlement in the US.

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Poppell will present his research to the board, which will decide what to do next. The Loring monument is an imposing, four-sided marble obelisk that occupies a busy street corner in the heart of downtown. Augustine that was established by freedmen after the Civil War. Robert Hayling, who led St. While St. That shows how important they feel it is.

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As a whole, St. Julie Abella is a local who was eating lunch by the monument on a Saturday afternoon. He specifically mentioned a survey funded by Save Southern Heritage Florida — a group that has fought Confederate monument removal across the state — that found 87 percent of St. Augustine's population want to keep the Confederate monument. Augustine is one of [sic] protecting and preserving history.

In mid-October, the city commission announced its next meeting would propose an ordinance that would ban protesters from entering the plaza in which the statues stand. Ku Klux Klan members murder Harry T. The black community begins a boycott. Steele, Dan Speed and A.

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Redd, three Tallahassee pastors, protested segregated seating on city buses by sitting in the middle of the bus instead of the back, ending the nearly seven-month boycott. Local members of the Congress of Racial Equality hold the first sit-in at downtown Tallahasee department store lunch counters. Eleven are arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King and several others are arrested for attempting to integrate Monson Motor Lodge, a motel. Journalists record owner James Brock dumping acid into the pool in response. Five security guards huddled by the entrance to the Gainesville Work Camp, which is about five miles away from the University of Florida. According to the Florida Department of Corrections, the work camp is one of the largest state prisons that provides rehabilitation services, but this often comes in the form of manual labor.

Save for the occasional passing car, the only sound is the hum of mosquitos from the nearby Newnans Lake. Hernandez gripped her megaphone as one of the security guards held up binoculars. The morning before, the yearold Civic Media Center coordinator and other activists ran in front of a truck that was transporting inmates to a work site. The blockade made the truck turn around and stopped work for 45 minutes. The activists stayed the night on a strip of public land across from the work camp, intent on blocking the morning truck again.

Their tens and signs were still covered in dew from that night's rain. Members of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee IWOC camped out across the work camp for 10 days in early September to oppose mass incarceration, protest in support of the prisoners and show solidarity with a national prison strike.

IWOC is a prisoner-led branch of the radical labor union Industrial Workers of the World and seeks to unionize incarcerated people. The nationwide strike started in response to an April 15 prison riot at Lee Correctional Institute in South Carolina, during which seven inmates were stabbed to death. Throughout the week, protesters held several noise demonstrations, chanting demands into a megaphone. Using a common direct action tactic, the protesters blocked the buses transporting prisoners to the work sites. At night, they played music and projected Inside Out and Deadpool, hoping to reach the prisoners.

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  • Hernandez, who is running for a county soil and water conservation seat, came back to the camp between work shifts and slept there every night. They are the ones leeching off our tax dollars. Other demands from local prisoners included air conditioning and the reinstatement of parole. But activists and prisoners say that instead of focusing on rehabilitating — with the goal of eventually reintroducing inmates into society — the camp has prisoners clean up streets, pick produce and perform other manual labor.

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    They were able to stop the truck for around 20 seconds, during which they exchanged a few words with the inmates to let them know they were fighting for them. Logan Marie, 26, and Kaithleen Hernandez, 23, run to stop a truck carrying inmates from leaving the work camp. The activists used megaphones for noise demonstrations to reach and encourage inmates at the work camp. You can always travel later, when Your heart wants to keep you have more money and time.

    Each proposed amendment is as terrifically confusing as always, so the Fine Print broke down this historically long list to help you figure out which circle to pen in on election day. This amendment appears to be designed to benefit wealthy homeowners at the expense of already-beleaguered local governments. Seventy-six percent of property owners in Florida would not benefit from it, according to watchdog group Florida Tax Watch.

    City and the Peasant

    The current process requires a simple legislative majority. Currently, those who have committed felonies must wait five years to apply for re-eligibility, and they must appeal to the Florida governor and Cabinet, a lengthy and arduous process. This would exclude those who have committed murder or sex crimes.

    Florida is one of only four states that prohibits convicted felons from voting. Approving this amendment would add nearly 1. Amendment 9 would permanently ban in the state constitution drilling for oil and gas in state waters, which is already banned in Florida law. It would also, for some reason, ban smoking of e-cigarettes in restaurants and indoor workplaces. Supporters say this law would make it easier for victims to get justice.

    This would prohibit judges from deferring to administrative agencies in interpreting law, a long-standing legal practice. If this amendment passes, people will no longer be able to take out their vape pens at work or in a restaurant for a quick puff. This amendment aims to ensure that individuals are prosecuted under the most current law. Florida is one of just three states that still enforces the Savings Clause. Make betting on dogs races in Florida illegal in December , but it would still allow other types of racetrack gambling, like slot machines.

    Who does it impact? In theory, dogs. Supporters of Amendment 13 want to ban commercial dog racing to protect dogs, primarily greyhounds, from mistreatment. Red, white and blue balloons are weighted down on every table. Aside from a run for the city commission, Zeller mostly keeps to himself and is rarely seen at his bars. But Zeller is one of the most notorious Republican donors in Alachua County, transforming the profit from his college bars into liquid gold for North Florida conservatives.