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Zabelle C. Izabelle Leite. Jessabelle is a American supernatural horror film directed by Kevin Greutert and written by Ben Garant. Yzabelle - Name Meaning, What does Yzabelle mean? Yzabelle - Home Facebook. Yzabelle Chrysilla C.

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Gender Male Female. Kiara Yzabelle , moiraangela Sharon Yzabelle , cezka Ellen Yzabelle , elleylee. Maika Yzabelle , maikaYzabelle. Erika Yzabelle , iamkaihla. He believed that everyone hid his things on purpose to trouble him, which was not the case. He would have overcome his habit by becoming slightly more organized.

Keeping his belongings at a designated place regularly so that he does not forget it, especially when he is in a hurry, would help him overcome his problem. How do you think Aunt Maria handled the situation every day? Aunt Maria was a very patient lady. Every day she helped Uncle Podger find his lost items. She would try to ask him to remember where he had kept the lost item so that it could be found easily. Even though Uncle Podger would fume and get angry and shout at all his family members, she would tell her children to search for the lost item.

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Now that is a different story that the intended effect was always the opposite of what was desired. Uncle Podger would invariably get more confused and get late and lose one or more item in the house. Why did Uncle Podger say that he believed that the children mixed up things on purpose? Uncle Podger was a careless and forgetful man.

He had a tendency to forget where he had kept his things. When he would start getting late, he would blame every one. He would find some kids missing or they would stand once again in the line after getting kissed and this would delay him further. Since he had the habit of putting the blame on others and never on himself, therefore he always got angry with the children for mixing up things on purpose and delaying him to reach the railway station.

Imagine and describe the scene in the train compartment in which Uncle Podger would travel. Uncle Podger as usual would be late in reaching the railway station and he would board the train with great difficulty. He would be puffing and take a long time to catch his breath.

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It may be possible that all the seats would be occupied and he would have to stand during his journey. This would make him very angry and he would surely blame either his family or people around him for not being considerate enough to offer him a seat, as he believed that he was flawless. When he would finally settle in the train and want to read the newspaper, he would find that the newspaper was not there. He would again blame the children for taking out the paper at the last moment. He might ask one of his fellow passengers for the newspaper. While getting off the train he would probably leave his umbrella hanging in the compartment and realize that even his hat is missing after reaching office.

He would be furious and blame the fellow passengers for picking up his hat and umbrella while he was engrossed in reading the newspaper. This extract has been taken from the novel …………… written by ………………… whose pen name was ……………………… b. Mrs Tulliver and Maggie were waiting for …………….. Tom c. Maggie was in the attic because she ……………….. To make her come down for meals ii.


Not to release her from the punishment iii. To make her go fishing with him iv. To give her further punishment. With whom did Maggie and Tom share a bond like they did with each other and why? They lived on the bank of the river Floss, which was close to the wood. Both of them shared a bond with nature, which was as strong as their own bond. They were very attached to each other as a brother and sister. Tom took Maggie to a corner and kept nodding his head up and down slowly to arouse her sense of mystery. He had brought a gift for Maggie, which he wanted to give her, but only after playing a guess game in which he asked Maggie to imagine what he had got for her.

He wanted to arouse her curiosity and sense of mystery before handing over the gift. When she became really impatient, he showed it to her. What had Tom got for Maggie and with what aim had he got that particular thing? Tom has bought two fish lines, one for himself and one for Maggie. He intended to go out fishing with her the next day by the Round Pool. In fact his aim was to do some fishing with his little sister during the summer holidays.

Why did Tom go to get Maggie from the attic? Tom went to get Maggie from the attic on the insistence of his parents, who when not finding Maggie at meal time, thought that Tom had somehow been naughty to her or she had perhaps forgotten about the meal time. What does it reveal about her nature? Her need for love triumphed over her pride. She was sweet tempered, submissive, and literally doted on her elder brother and did not want to prolong their disagreement. She wanted to end the fight as soon as possible.

What was the sad truth? When he returned he seemed to be very excited about seeing them but they were all dead. How did Maggie want to make up with Tom for his loss? Maggie wanted to know from Tom how much he had spent on buying the rabbits which he informed her as two half-crowns and sixpence.

Maggie offered to give him more to buy rabbits with as she wanted to make up for the ones he had lost. You forgot to feed them then.

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Who forgot to feed whom? What was it that the person speaking the above line was accusing the person spoken to? Tom was accusing Maggie of not having fed the rabbits because of which they had died. How far was she responsible for what had happened? The rabbits had died probably due to some disease and not because of Maggie forgetting to feed them. How did the speaker want to punish the person who had erred?

Tom wanted to punish his sister Maggie by not allowing her to go fishing with him the next day. Tom is introduced as a young lad who is excited about the prospect of coming home. He gets a fishing line for his sister so that she may accompany him for fishing.