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Another part of the reason you visit the bathroom more often is because alcohol also stimulates the bladder, so you'll feel the urge to pee sooner than you would ordinarily. Ordinarily, you produce milliliters of urine per hour. Each shot of alcohol causes you to produce an additional milliliters of urine.

It matters how hydrated you are before you start drinking. The biggest dehydrating effect is seen in people who are already hydrated. Urination isn't the only way you become dehydrated from drinking alcohol.

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Increased perspiration and possibly diarrhea and vomiting can make the situation even worse. Some people believe you can stave off the need to pee by waiting as long as possible to "break the seal" or urinate for the first time after you start drinking. The truth is, waiting just makes you uncomfortable and has no effect on how frequently or copiously you will pee from that point on.

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If you drink water or a soft drink with alcohol, the diuretic effect of the alcohol is reduced by about half. These means you'll get less dehydrated, which helps to reduce your chance of getting a hangover.

Other factors also affect whether you'll get a hangover, so adding ice to a drink, drinking water, or using a mixer may help, but won't necessarily prevent headache and nausea the next morning. Also, since you're increasing your fluid intake, diluting the alcohol won't make you pee less. It's worth noting, no matter how many beers you drink or how much water you add, the net effect is dehydration.

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Yes, you are adding a lot of water to your system, but each shot of alcohol makes it that much harder for your kidneys to return that water to your bloodstream and organs. People can live if the only liquid they get is from alcoholic beverages , but they get water from food. So, if you were stranded on an island with nothing to drink except rum, would you die of thirst? If you didn't have lots of fruit to offset the dehydration, the answer would be yes. Share Flipboard Email.