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What a fun book and great way to try out new to you authors. All 3 of these stories were entertaining and I loved them all while finding some new series to read!

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I second the motion. Quite an enjoyable anthology. Did not like the character's in Jane Feather's story as much as the other two but it wasn't a total dud. Definitely felt Sabrina Jeffries and Julia London's stories had more developed characters that you grew to like. The stories did not see too rushed, especially for an anthology, even though the course of events was only over a matter of days for them all.

Still a satisfying read.

Pam B. Three very well-known authors offer three charming tales of romance occuring around Christmastime. All three plots are well-developed, the characters interesting, and the anthology is the most consistent I have read in a long time. There are no surprises in any of the stories, no twist of fate, but the book is very satisfying nonetheless. A nice book to read on a snowy night to warm the cockles of your heart. Lois E. I love the sexual tension that the author built, it had just the right believable pace. Safetly view spoiler [Safe. The incident in which he snubs her in public did not make him too much of as asshole to be unforgivable.

It was a careless comment but he did not set out to be deliberately cruel to her. Jul 07, Widala rated it liked it. An entertaining read about a scarred Highlander and his lady love. Fiona was a sweetheart. And I couldn't help but sympathized with Duncan. His regrets and his efforts to change were sincere.

Although it happened in short period of time literally one snowy night , I could feel the connection between them and I cheered for their HEA. But, no kilt action in this book. Because it's winter, you know, and we definitely don't want anything important to get frostbite. Mar 22, Angela rated it it was amazing.

This is my first taste of the Scandalous Series, and I think I might be hooked. Fiona could have been a super annoying character, especially since she had a tendency to never shut up.

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Somehow Julia London was able to write her chattiness in a way that was almost endearing. My favorite thing about Fiona is how open minded she is. She treats tenants and servants with respect, and she acknowledges her attraction for Duncan before she even knows who he is.

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From the beginning she sees past his scars. Duncan is a great example of how people grow and change based on their life experiences. He carries tremendous guilt and regret from his previous life, and has turned into a man who is humble and kind. It's a novella, so they fall for each other rather abruptly, but there were sparks along the way so it didn't feel forced.

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The only downside is, what's with this cover art???? In zero way does it match the story. View 1 comment. Dec 06, Desiree rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , highlanders. This was a sweet book. I wished it had been longer, but I loved it none the less. May 27, Doris Mahala rated it it was amazing. Fiona Haines is looking for a man who had embarrassed her on the most important day of her young life.

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Snowy Night with a Highlander

Will she find him? Will she recognize him? What will she believe when she realizes who had brought her to his home? Will things change for the better or the worst? Will the Highlander repent of the error of his younger life? Will Fiona fall in love with the young "charge" the Highlander has become responsible for?

What will Fiona, The Highlander, young girl make in the end? Stand-alone and another wond Fiona Haines is looking for a man who had embarrassed her on the most important day of her young life. Stand-alone and another wonderful story by Julie London. Moving Most people would be reluctant to have other people stare at them if they were badly burned, especially a part of their face.

Fiona, however, was not put off by the scarring. She saw past the injury to the man underneath.. Oct 29, Joan rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction. Great fun read! Dec 30, Georgianna Simpson rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Romance readers. Review by Georgianna Simpson This is an excellent story of young heartbreak, life-changing tragedy, love and renewal of life. A great read for a snowy cold night!

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Lady Fiona Haines of Scotland has been living in London in an attempt to find a suitable marriage partner. Her debutante event, in Scotland, was spoiled years ago by a friend of her brothers that she admired when he likened her to a Review by Georgianna Simpson This is an excellent story of young heartbreak, life-changing tragedy, love and renewal of life.

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Embarrassed and broken hearted, she moved to London with her brother James himself a noted rogue and womanizer. While she found many friends at court in London, there were still no real suitors for her hand as yet. Her brother gets in trouble with the Prince of Wales sleeping with the Princess of Wales was what the Prince accused him of and even though he is visiting friends in Scotland the Prince sends men to find him.

Fiona finds she must go to Scotland to find her brother and warn him to hide deep in the highlands of Scotland until the matter is settled. To reach her brother, she must contact Laird Duncan Buchanan, the same friend of her brothers who broke her heart all those years ago. She is reluctant to do this, but must save her brother who has no idea he is being pursued.

Duncan agrees to let Fiona and her maid ride with a cargo wagon to Blackwood, his ancestral home where her brother is staying. She and her maid must go with the wagon driver and another man covered with dark clothing and an eye-patch. During the cold and hard trip to Blackwood Fiona grows to trust the dark stranger who is named Duncan…she believes him to be Mr.

Through mishaps with the wagon and her being saved from a wolf she becomes very attracted to Mr. She begins to dream of a life of being his wife and having his children, only to find out as they near Blackwood that he is not Mr.