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How to Use Quick Look on a Mac

It displays the image dimensions and file size in image previews. Sometimes people go years without knowing about Quick Look. Read More? Your email address will not be published. It used to be possible to select and copy text in QuickLook by enabling it from the Terminal, but Apple took that away at some point. With all the improvements to QL in Mojave, I would have thought that it would have returned, but it does not appear to have. Maybe if enough people ask Apple for it, they'll listen.

I know. I was happy to discover that Quick Look trick, but then I realized it's no longer possible to do that.

The feature sounds useful. Try DietPi! Christian Cawley. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Naturally, since these are Apple programs, Quick Look understands the document formats.

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Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Move through the pages using the vertical scroll bar; switch to a different Excel spreadsheet page using the Sheet tabs at the bottom. Totally cool. When you open a font file in Quick Look, you get a crystal-clear, huge sampler that shows every letter of the alphabet in that typeface. A vCard is an address-book entry that people can send one another by email to save time in updating their Rolodexes.

HTML web pages and Safari archived pages.

In fact, Quick Look has started seeping into other programs—not just the Finder. For example, you can preview any of the following:.

1. Preview Files With a Shortcut

A link in a Mail message. Click it to view the actual web page it leads to, right there in a pop-up bubble! An address in Mail or Safari. If you ever see a street address in an email message or on a web page, click the tiny next to it. An address in Contacts.

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You get to see, once again, an aerial photo of that spot in Safari, thanks to Google. Anything in the Spotlight menu. Anything in Mission Control or a Dock menu. Here are some stunts that make Quick Look even more interesting:.

Bloodborne: Giant Bomb Quick Look

Full screen. When you click the Full Screen button the gray , the Quick Look window expands to fill your screen. If you press Option-space bar, or Option-click the eyeball icon in any Finder window, you go straight into Full Screen mode without having to open the smaller Quick Look window first.

Share it. Click the in the title bar to open the Share pop-up menu—a quick way to send this document on to somebody or post it online. Open with [program name]. This button shows up at the top-right corner of your Quick Look window. Handy, really. Click me to jump directly into the program that opens it, so you can get to work reading or editing.

macos - Quick Look support for non-native video files (.avi, .mkv) on Mavericks - Ask Different

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