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Large breed dogs, even if they do not mean to do so, can knock over young children and injure them, especially if the large breed dog is also a breed of dog that is known for its high levels of energy. A smaller dog, in many cases, is a safer, more practical choice. If he or she has, in any way, shape or form, had aggression bred into them, you should avoid bringing that dog into your home, for the sake of the safety of your children.

Also, if you already have children and an older dog and your kids are asking for another dog, you might want to say no. Older dogs can have a problem with a younger dog coming into their territory. They can perceive your action of bringing in a new, younger dog to the household as a betrayal. This can result in fear and hostility toward the new, younger dog. If your children end up showing the new, younger dog more affection and giving more attention to the new dog, the older dog you have had for years might turn against the children out of frustration. If you can find out any history about her previous owners, they should be able to give you some idea if she was socialized with little ones.

Socialization, which happens early in a dog's life during an important part of her development, is key to future success with any relationships a dog has. You never know what experiences an older dog has had with kids in his past. If he was teased or handled in a way he didn't enjoy, then he's probably not likely to interact with many children. If you don't have this information, then temperament is a good indicator, but remember that it's not always foolproof. A dog can be as sweet as can be with you, but get nervous when a small child enters the picture.

Loud noises and flailing arms can make a high-strung dog even more so. You can tell a lot from their breeds' history, too.

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Labs are known to be excellent family dogs and cocker spaniels are notoriously not so great with children. The key to having small children around any dog is to make sure they're constantly supervised and taught how to behave properly around dogs. We have anthropomorphized our pets into furry little people, but at the end of the day, no matter how much you trust yours, a dog is still a dog. At the time, country was cross-pollinating with the distinctly un-country sounds of pop and soft-rock, but Prine presented himself as something more stripped down: A regular guy with a plain voice playing simple music, no shoulder pads necessary.

But it was his ear for detail — the flies buzzing around the sink, the rodeo poster that sends a woman on a daydream that she knows will never get fulfilled — that made his songs quietly complicated. Country music rendered with the sharpened eye of an author. By Mike Powell.

Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine

Recorded in but released in , Lynn's ode to reproductive rights turned out to be a difficult pill for many country stations to swallow — one of nine Lynn songs banned during her career. Bayless, "The Pill" uses a chicken-coop metaphor "I'm tearin' down your brooder house" to warn a straying cock that his hen may start exchanging her maternity-wear "garbage" for clothes that "won't take up so much yardage.

When Cash recorded "Seven Year Ache" at age 25, it was with the soulful, seen-it-all purr of someone who'd endured the game for decades. Yet the mood on this career-defining Number One country hit — which chronicled a man's wanderlust and apparently traced to a spat with Crowell who produced the song! The melodic tick-tock was "Mellow Mafia" with a twangy moan, and Rosanne's tart aphorisms were some of the genre's most poetic. By Charles Aaron. Not to be confused with Jimmy Patton's rockabilly track "Okie's in the Pokie," this megahit kicked Merle Haggard into the top tier of country performers.

A Bakersfield-born son of Okie farmers, Haggard co-wrote this condemnation of pot smokers, sandal-wearers and draft-card burners on his tour bus with Strangers drummer Roy Edward Burris. Both parody "pitching woo"? Haggard followed his relatively mellow Los Angeles studio original with a more truculent live version, then doubled down in January of the following year with his borderline-jingoist "The Fightin' Side of Me. Recorded as a single in and included on Patsy Cline Showcase that same year, this track has became a country ballad standard — but it almost wasn't.

Producer Owen Bradley initially envisioned the track recorded by baritone Roy Drusky. It ended up being his loss: Bradley agreed to let Cline take it over and she allegedly sang it so tenderly during sessions that it caused every man in the studio to cry. A Top Five country hit in , George Jones knew the ironic, upbeat number would be a hit the minute he heard it: "'The Race Is On' was pitched to me," he later told Billboard , "and I only heard the first verse, [sings] 'I feel tears welling up cold and deep inside like my heart's sprung a big leak,' and I said, 'I'll take it.

A couple decades before "Lovesick Blues" became Williams' first number one hit in , Miller and his melancholy yodel were in love with a beautiful gal too. Co-writer Ralph Mooney penned the tune after his wife left him due to his drinking, and its lyrics suggest deep emotional delirium and paranoia. The music, however, reflected Price's new shuffle style, with single-string fiddle, pedal steel guitar, and doubled acoustic and electric basses. Six months after Price's release, Jerry Lee Lewis's first Sun Records side was a more blatantly delirious rock cover that turned many heads.

Although folksinger George Davis claimed to have written an original "Nine-to-Ten Tons" in the Thirties, Merle Travis countered that he wrote the more productive "Sixteen Tons" about his father's life in the coalmines of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

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The opening lines, meanwhile, came from a letter Travis's soldier brother wrote during World War II, and the Sisyphean refrain — "I owe my soul to the company store" — from his father's experience being paid in store tokens rather than cash. Arizona native Marty Robbins' unusually long 4 minutes, 40 seconds story-song is a barreling Greek tragedy adapted from the Mexican waltz-time ranchera country style.

In what might be country's most cinematic hit, a narrator enamored of "wicked" Feleena shoots down a "dashing and daring" young cowboy who's hitting on her. Past tense becomes present as the narrator returns to El Paso, is shot himself by a vengeful posse and dies in Feleena's arms.

Grady Martin's nylon-stringed guitar provides eloquent, flamenco-influenced instrumental commentary. A longtime staple of the Grateful Dead's cover repertoire, "El Paso" caught another cultural wave decades later when Feleena was transformed into "Felina," the anagrammatically allusive title of Breaking Bad 's finale. Hall once said of the epic "Harper Valley P.

Indeed, when singer Margie Singleton asked Hall to write her a similar song, the aspiring novelist took note of the Harpeth Valley Elementary School in Bellevue, Tennessee and found artistic inspiration in Sinclair Lewis's religion-mocking novel Elmer Gantry.

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Jeannie C. Riley's recording, however, made her the first woman to top both Billboard's Hot and country-singles charts. Barbara Eden starred in both the comedy based on the song and in a TV show spun off the flick. It's not really about Bruce Springsteen, first of all. Though stadium-filling bad boy Eric Church's iPhone-lighter-app-waving triumph details "a love affair that takes place in an amphitheater between two people," the Boss was not the performer in question. Church politely but firmly declines to reveal the actual inspiration, which means the best country song of the s thus far might have more accurately been titled "Nugent" or "Anka" or "Fogelberg.

It even earned Church a handwritten thank-you note from Springsteen himself — scrawled on the back of a Fenway Park set list. By Rob Harvilla. This crossover smash emerged from circumstances as prefabricated as country music gets — written and produced by men whose credits include Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts, sung by an American Idol winner and sporting a literal-interpretation video. And yet the popcraft of "Before He Cheats," as rendered by Carrie Underwood in the key of frosty rage, is nearly perfect.

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Even a certified alt-country critical darling like Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards is not immune to its seductive charms. Perpetually unsung, the Flatlanders were a Lubbock trio who sounded like — well, there was Jimmie Dale Gilmore's flat, twangy voice; the warble of a singing saw; the lyrics that made sutras of psychedelic complexity sound like they were something Grandma crocheted into a throw pillow.

Small-town, but more importantly, sensitive enough to address even the most routine insults of life in the 20th century, the big city didn't repulse them, but it did give them the willies. And yet in song, they are somehow always the eye of a storm: unchanging, know-nothing, happy to breathe deeply and just watch the show unfold. Would you be surprised to learn that they sank like a stone?

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He rarely touches the stuff himself, but Brad Paisley's way with a booze anthem is unparalleled, and such range, too: "Whiskey Lullaby," a grim, suicide-haunted duet he cut with Alison Krauss in , is basically Leaving Las Vegas in miniature, whereas this bawdy, self-penned waltz unleashed just a year later comes on like Animal House. A boastful first-person rundown of hooch's seductive powers — "I can make anybody pretty," it begins — that claims credit for everyone from Hemingway to the thoroughly soused best man at your wedding.

It's a longtime live-show staple that inspires superfans to bring their own lampshades seriously. We've all done it. We're all one big collective idiot. And there's nothing better than feeling that way. The piano-driven arrangement here is classic early-Seventies countrypolitan, propelling the singer's only crossover Top 40 pop hit. If sparks flying off metal could sound sophisticated , they'd sound like Earl Scruggs' three-finger, five-string, five-alarm-fire banjo picking on this instrumental classic, which enshrined the banjo as a lead instrument in bluegrass.

A stoic virtuoso from the western North Carolina boonies, Scruggs peppered the air with rippling eighth-note ragtime rolls on "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" a song derived from an earlier track, "Bluegrass Breakdown," that he wrote for Bill Monroe , trading solo breaks with fiddler Benny Sims.

Despite its innovative panache, the song only hit the country and pop charts after appearing as accompaniment to the car-chase scenes in Arthur Penn's scintillating, taboo-flaunting film Bonnie and Clyde. California's second oldest state prison was a brutal place before the state implemented much-need penal reforms in Johnny Cash learned of that dark period at a screening of the film Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison , while serving with the U.

Air Force, stationed in Germany.

Cash initially recorded the song for Sun Records in , but the version he performed 12 years later for Folsom's inmates became the iconic hit. Getty Images. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.