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Instead, I was paying attention to things outside of my lane, and allowing them to pull me off-course and rob me of the joy and satisfaction that I should have been experiencing. When someone else gets something — a contract, an offer, an endorsement — that I wanted, it bothers me. The sooner you learn to embrace the inherent unfairness of the workplace, the sooner you can simply focus on bringing your best every day and letting the chips fall where they may.

This is another one.

There is nothing that can be done about any of these things — aside from diligently doing the work in front of you — yet they rob many people of valuable creative cycles that could be spent actually creating something meaningful. This one is tough. There are certain expectations that I set for myself, and when I miss the mark on one of them, it bothers me.

This is true even if I far exceed a dozen other expectations. I could still stew on it for weeks. Sometimes I realize that it is an errant comment I made in a talk the month before, or a bad client call, or something that no one else even noticed — let alone remembers — but me. My own expectations.


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