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You live it. You test it until you know, one way or the other. Knowing is the key. Belief creates false religions. The results must be there every time. Hope this makes sense and thank you for taking the time to share your views. I appreciate it. Absolutely agree Billy!!!! Thnks a lot to share it!!!!! So at what level in the Catholic Church do most of the clergy understand the relation the Zohar has to Christianity in your opinion?

Or is there a specific preacher etc that gets it in the Protestant community …i. Joyce Myers, Billy Grahm etc.

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No clue. A few Popes in history understood a little. Hi Billy. There are many many pages of Zohar that have gone missing over the last years when the Zohar first went public. In the Zohar we have so far there is no direct mention of them meeting. But sources that I have who had access to one of the oldest Zohar manuscripts in existence say they saw his name in the Zohar referring to the historical Jesus.

However I have not seen it yet and cannot verify. But the Zohars insights into Golgotha, the trinity, son of God and other aspects are absolutely amazing! Dear Sir, In reference to the point that zohar to be spread on Pagan Nations regarding knowledge of Light. This knowledge has been deep rooted in India through the science of Kundalini Shakti. The Infinity the Power is within us and is awakened through meditation and the third eye opens up. I am just trying to connect the teachings of both cultures.

I recommend this amazing little book which clearly elucidates these teachings,to any who are interested in further study. How else could it be since God is Universal and we are all his children. She is the indwelling goddess of physical creation. When we die our soul goes forth to truly discover her. And yet all are One. Perhaps you used the terms familiar to the Christian Kabbalists.

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OR…another option…. The total is about 1 hour. Each segment is about 10 min. This is not the focus of this article. A true kabbalsit! E-mail me or see you to Max Dashu presentation this coming Sunday March 23rd 2 to 5 pm at the Goddesses Studio and I will reveal more insights and things I discovered myself.

The irony of all times is that because of Karen Berg the wife of our beloved teacher and kabbalist Rav Berg the teachings of Kabbalah reached the masses in our times. Again a WOMAN is the corner stone of the Great Work and yet the only thing we see is the lineage of males Kabbalsit over all being propagated strongly.

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With all my love and appreciation for all people that bring mysteries to the Light of the modern day, Brindusa Ses. Thanks for sharing your comment Brindusa. You mentioned that I have no deep answers regarding the Feminine principle and role of women throughout history. The Zohar and the Kabbalists offer stunning, and provocative insights on this subject. I have simply not posted a full article on the subject. However, I have shared the importance and critical role that Karen Berg plays in our generation on many different posts on Facebook and this site.

But thank you for pointing out that I have not presented an article that is similar to the articles i shared on the Kabbalah connection to Christianity, Islam and even science. I will do that next thanks to your kind effort of sharing your comments. The role of women is directly related to consciousness known as The Desire to Receive for the Self Alone receiving being the female polarity.

This is why the Zohar says when the moon shines as bright as the sun, the redemption will arrive. The moon is the consciousness of receiving, having no light of its own. But when it is fully resplendent as the sun, it means man has transformed his Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, into the Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing. Thus, the male is using his body and physical talents for the sole purpose of sharing with his fellow man. The female body is being used for the sake of sharing soul and thus the female is now considered male, meaning the moon is like the sun.

Both are shining equally.

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This is the secret of the Gospel of Thomas when Jesus says when the woman becomes a man the redemption will come i am paraphrasing. Taken literally, this sounds discriminatory and sexist.

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  • In truth, its stunningly profound as every mention of a woman in the Bible refers go the consciousness of a Desire to Receive. When the gospel says the woman should become as a man, it means desire to receive should be used ONLY for the sake of sharing. We are here to correct our selfishness and as man is in exile until he does so, the desire to receive, the female polarity, is also in exile. This is the spiritual reason why women have been so tragically and horrendously persecuted and mistreated throughout history.

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    Every redemption in history was because of a woman, according to Kabbalah. Men are merely incapable of changing the world in a merciful manner. It takes the care and kindness and wisdom and sensitivity of a woman to ignite epic change in a manner that is merciful and bloodless. This is also what makes the appearance of Karen Berg in our world so impactful and momentous and significant.

    This is the sign and proof that the final redemption is here. Those profound Kabbalists were here to push us forward, but without a woman to bring that necessary critical balance and push for redemption, it was almost impossible to expect the Messiah. Rather, the appearance of these Kabbalists on the stage of history was merely to push us another step forward in preparation for the day a woman would come onto the scene and open the doors to this Light of Redemption for all mankind. The Rav would have never, ever, ever, opened the doors to Kabbalah to someone like me after the Rav received the blessing and ordination from his master to carry on as spiritual leader of the Kabbalah Centre founded by Rav Ashlag.

    It was only because of Karen, that the Rav was transformed into the giant that he became and that millions of people around the world are now cognizant of the Zohar and Kabbalah.

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    We are almost at the finish line. As each of us, male and female male especially eradicate the influence of our ego, we empower Karen, the moon and all women throughout the world. It goes hand in hand. If men drop the ball, women will fall again, and war and death will continue to remain a scourge upon this world, all due to the fault of the male.

    The male is incomplete, despite what his ego tells him, until his other female half of his soul, is able to enter into his life on an equal status. I only share what Kabbalists tell us, so I have not presented any information on Mary Miriam as the Rav taught me to never give my opinion. When a man is only taking and receiving, he is, in fact, behaving like the female spiritually speaking as receiving is female principle and sharing is the male masculine principle.

    So society has it all backwards. A real man is one who diminishes his ego and shares and demonstrates true, genuine humility and dignity for all mankind. Because unconditional sharing is the ultimate masculine force. Thank you Philip for allowing me to see my role as a woman, as a wife, and for appreciating deeply the role of Karen in the work of bringing the complete redemption. I was amazed to see how much has been lost in translation-it is truly sad. Christianity has been paganized, masculanized and materialized. When I began studying the Hebrew words, I was astounded. Hebrew is the language YHWH used to create the universe. Of course, it too has gone through many changes, but it is the best place to start to begin the search for what the Word is truly saying. From modern Hebrew to ancient Hebrew, studying in that language reveals truth, not the English, Spanish, German, or countless other languages its been translated into. They are ok to start with if you know nothing, but it is very important to move on to Hebrew, and of course Zohar. Could you expound on the origins of the notion the fruit was an apple?