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Why is it So Hard to Experience Oneness and Wholeness?

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Awakening into Oneness: The Power of Blessing in the Evolution of Consciousness by Arjuna Ardagh

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There are also cases in which some people feel little or nothing. However generally, it takes a series of transfers until one begins to truly feel the effects of this energy. People often have Awakening experiences and these are meant to lead to a permanent state of Awakening. While there is no formula for this process, generally speaking, the first few Oneness Experiences are aimed towards clearing energy blocks so this new energy can be received, the next few Oneness Experiences then begin a process of cleansing and purification.

The following Oneness Experiences then help move one into a higher state of being. I have heard a lot about the idea of Awakening. What is it really? Is Awakening really possible in this day and age? Simply stated, Awakening is the dissolution of the sense of a fixed, separate self. Once we realize that our concept of the self is an illusion, we become capable of experiencing ourselves as a flow of consciousness that is no longer subject to the limits and conditioning of the mind.

And yes, it is possible in this day and age. Why is that? It has to do with an evolutionary cycle for humanity and the Earth.

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  • We are moving out of a Kali Yuga, an age of darkness and chaos, into a Satya Yuga, an age of awakening into light. How does this neurobiological shift happen?

    Once this process completes itself, a person finds himself or herself in a permanent state of Awakening. This is not necessarily a mystical state, but simply a state of experiencing reality as it is, without the limiting filters and conditioning of the human mind. Would I have to give up my present lifestyle if I were to become awakened?

    Absolutely nothing has to change as you can continue to live exactly as you do as the quality of your experience of reality will be different. EAwakening is a very natural state, and that a person would if anything become much more functional, joyful, loving, and efficient in every aspect of life. Do I have to change my religion? Religion has nothing to do with Awakening, nor even spirituality.

    Oneness With God ➤ Ask And You Shall Receive ➤ Beautiful Worship Music

    It is a purely neurobiological phenomenon. How long will it take to become awakened? It depends on many factors, including the state of your chakras and nadis, your childhood conditioning, your fears and resistance to change, your concepts of God, and your karmic destiny. Some people have become awakened with just one Oneness Experience, others require a much longer period of time. Everyone, as long as they are in a human body, WILL become awakened.

    Humanity has been on the path for a very long time. We have now entered the Golden Age, and new energies are available to humanity that were not available before.


    The Oneness of Life and Its Environment

    Now is the time to complete this journey as a human species. Is Awakening the end of our spiritual journey? What comes afterwards? It is like stepping through a doorway into a new world, but the journey is without limits!