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Horse Tales :. Available in Paperback and eBook here! Horse Tales is an eclectic collection of stories based on our rich American history. You'll find tales of Wild West characters, unique beginnings of tools and programs that shaped our world and the role of horses in it all. From Cowboy Kitchens to the Kentucky Derby, from horse thieves to madams and Jingle Bells to horse ballet, Horse Tales brings a delightful, entertaining mix to those that love the western lifestyle.

About the Author. Dede grew up with a love of writing and using her imagination. It is only fitting that marketing became her future. After 18 years as a marketing communications professional in the corporate world, she began her own business, Wordscapes, LLC, to be creative and help people.

A Good Horse Story That Will Hook You Right Away

This event causes Regina to majorly hate Snow White from then on, to the point of wishing she had let her die on the horse the day they met. Unwilling to get married, Regina attempts to escape her mother by riding away on Rocinante. However, she is thwarted by one of Cora's spells and pulled from her horse as her mother appears behind her. Later on, with help in the form of a looking glass provided by Rumplestiltskin, Regina banishes her mother to Wonderland and, once more, rides her horse away from King Leopold's castle , but the Dark One interrupts her escape.

The young woman dismounts her horse to talk, and the wizard ultimately dissuades her from leaving by proposing to teach her magic. The opening scene, featuring an imposing brown steed, is airing while Isaac tries to sell a television at Hank 's shop. At an uncertain point in time, the New Enchanted Forest bursts into war. They end up getting married.

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At some point, Hercules completes the eighth of his Twelve Labors, which involves mares somehow. A depiction of the beasts is engraved in a medal. In the Land Without Color , in secret, Victor Frankenstein digs up a grave in order to obtain a corpse for his scientific studies. He is surprised to see that his brother followed him to the graveyard , but their talk is interrupted by gunshots when a guard catches them.

The brothers run to a nearby carriage, pulled by a white horse, and escape, though Gerhardt has already gotten a wound, which ultimately causes his death. For about six months, the animal is left with a trainer until the day the princess goes to the stables to see it. Delighted, the young princess exclaims that it is her perfect day. A horse-drawn carriage is halted by an injured man lying in the road.

The two men with him ask for help from the coachmen, claiming that their friend was knocked off his horse. In fact, the scene is part of an ambush by the Merry Men.

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The commntion successfully distracts the travelers, allowing one of the thieves to go unnoticed while stealing two leather bags. Merry Man Will Scarlet later manages to steal a looking glass from Maleficent. Eager to use the item to leave for Wonderland with Anastasia , the man races on horseback to meet his lover.

In Camelot , Violet turns seven and receives a horse as a birthday gift from her mother , herself a champion rider. Sadly, the woman passes away before the girl can even learn to gallop. Snow White, now a young woman, mounts her steed Roman and gleefully gallops about the palace grounds, while a distraught Regina looks on from the stable.

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In a rage, she closes the door and tears down several of Snow White's ribbons — awards from riding competitions. Appearing in the stable, Rumplestiltskin remarks how ironical it is that, when Regina saved her life, Snow White was riding a runaway horse and, now, she is the "best rider in all the land".

A frustrated Regina claims the horse won the medals, not Snow White. Willing to become an apprentice of Maleficent, Regina goes to the Forbidden Fortress to meet her. Eventually, the two of them are present at the ruined portion of land that Maleficent once scorched with her flames decades ago, when King Stefan and his soldiers arrive on horseback.

… and now the rest of the story!

They try to arrest Maleficent for cursing Queen Briar Rose , but she morphs into a dragon , causing a frightened King Stefan to shout for his horsemen to retreat. Returning home after learning about the Sleeping Curse from Maleficent, Regina casts it on Roman and explains to Rumplestiltskin that the pony will be taking a nap for a hundred years or so.

In Agrabah, Jafar flies on a magic carpet chasing the Emir , who rides a horse hurriedly. The wizard shoots magic at the rider, narrowly missing him several times, but he reaches a small building and enters, calling for help. At night, the Evil Queen travels by carriage through the Forest of the Dead. Suddnely, her horses are startled by a mysterious hooded figure in the road. Scared, they neigh and run off, overturning the carriage in the process. The Queen crawls out of the wreckage and finds out William to be the hooded figure.

In Camelot, King Arthur, Lancelot and Percival ride their horses to the Excalibur Stone , where Arthur fulfills Merlin 's prophecy and releases the sword from the stone, though it is missing its tip. Afterwards, he rides to his childhood village to announce his accomplishment. In Arendelle , Elsa takes her sister upstairs to deliver a surprise gift. Anna voices her wish for a horse and a carriage, but receives a dress instead, which she gladly accepts. Anna travels to Misthaven and meets David , introducing herself as "Joan".

As the pair talk, David hears approaching horses and tells Joan to get inside before things go bad, but she instead turns to look at who has arrived. The carriage rides up to the house , carrying a warlord named Bo Peep. The woman gives David an ultimatum to pay what he owes her, proposing he hands over his steed as payment.

David resists, saying that the horse never leaves his side, to which Bo Peep promises to return the next day to take over the farm unless she is paid. Eventually, Joan helps David face Bo Peep and save the farm.

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She is given David's prized steed as a token of his appreciation, and rides away, heading to the Dark castle. As poor farmers, Marian and her family's only means of surviving are with a prized steed, which Robin of Locksley later steals from them.

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Tracking him down, Marian threatens to shoot him with an arrow while explaining the horse's great value to her family's livelihood. The next morning, the thief returns to her cottage and apologizes by forfeiting his own two horses to her. Belle plans to go riding with her father one morning, but Gaston comes to visit instead. The girl enters the stables and finds Sir Maurice awaiting.

Riding & Writing Horse Tales by Dede Hoffmann

While he explains that plans have changed, Belle turns her attention to a brown horse and tries to dissuade her father from seeking any more suitors for her, but ultimately agrees to go for a walk with Gaston. Eventually, Lord LeGume 's son goes searching for an ogre and gets hurt. On horseback, Belle, Maurice and their guards reach up to Gaston, who decides to organize a hunt for the ogres.

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At night, the men gallop pursuing an ogre, but Belle, determined to protect the creature from being tortured, follows them on her own horse. At the point where the tracks of the ogre stop, Gaston dismounts, as well as Maurice, and holds his bow and arrow, prepared to shoot. Luckily for the innocent ogre, Belle shows up in time to save him. However, her act of mercy does not prevent war from happening.