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It earned an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay. Ikiru Akira Kurosawa. Even if Criterion had only a handful of Kurosawa films, it would still be difficult to choose between The Seven Samurai , Rashomon, and Ran, to name a few. So why Ikiru? More Kurosawa on the Criterion Channel: Too many to list.

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The two play neighbors who develop an attraction to one another in a way that feels both deeply cinematic and completely human. This examination of the gradual breakdown of the routines of an ordinary life turns everyday detail into something unforgettable, even transcendent.

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The Village Voice named it one of the 20 best films of the 20th century. Luckily, his fantastic The Killing of a Chinese Bookie is here in two versions. What if someone could just disappear off the face of the Earth? La Promesse Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne Though Criterion has released several great films by the Dardennes, only one is on the channel as of this writing.

La Strada Federico Fellini As with several filmmakers on this list, picking a single Fellini feels almost cruel, but a good place to start is with the unforgettable visage of Giulietta Masina. She plays Gelsomina, a woman sold to a circus strongman, played by Anthony Quinn. A wonderful genre blend, it nimbly incorporates elements of comedy into the mystery. An underrated great. Moments from childhood rise to the surface and then fade back again, often with perfectly chosen music to accompany them.

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A beautiful, lyrical, deeply poetic piece of filmmaking. M Fritz Lang A perfectly calibrated suspense film about a serial killer, unforgettably played by Peter Lorre. Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters Paul Schrader Writer-director Paul Schrader is known for his films about men on the fringes of society see: Taxi Driver and First Reformed , but this is arguably his most visually striking work, about a man who merged his life and art. Ken Ogata plays Yukio Mishima, who committed public seppuku in to protest what he saw as the decadence of Japanese postwar culture.

Challenging traditional forms of cinematic storytelling, Mishima is a modern classic. Mulholland Drive David Lynch. Night of the Living Dead George A. DIY filmmaking changed forever when George A.

Hobson’s Choice – a Review

Romero got some friends and colleagues together to make a zombie movie that remains powerful a half-century later. He knew how to use them to enhance the mood of masterpieces like The Third Man and this thriller, in which James Mason plays a political conspirator on the run, hunted by police throughout Belfast. Soon the whole world starts to feel dangerous and unsettling. Paths of Glory Stanley Kubrick The only Kubrick film currently on the channel is the searing Paths of Glory, starring Kirk Douglas as a WWI French colonel forced to defend his men against a charge of cowardice after they refuse to go through with an order that would lead to their deaths.

It remains a powerful indictment of what governments and militaries ask young men to do in combat. The Piano Teacher Michael Haneke Years before he won an Oscar for Amour , Michael Haneke was a controversial voice on the international scene with several challenging flicks. This Grand Prix winner at Cannes in was one of his major turning points. Isabelle Huppert stars as Erika, the titular piano teacher, who starts up an affair with one of her students and then watches her life turn upside down.

Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams. Steve Lyons. Only Forward Voyager Classics. Michael Marshall Smith.

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The Double Eagle. James Twining. Like a House on Fire. Cate Kennedy. Jonathan Nicholas. Weird Tales. Mark Lambert. Brodmaw Bay. Only Human. Tom Holt. The Coffee Shop Book Club. Breast Cancer Care. Welcome Home. Neil Davies. Pixel Juice. Jeff Noon. Opposed Positions. Gwendoline Riley. Joel Stickley. Final Settlement.


Linda Davies. No stranger to the P Volume One. Dan W. Warren Peace: Dimensions. Bob Shaw. Elvi Rhodes. A Better Mantrap. Shonagh Koea. The Steele Diaries. Wendy James. Summer in the City. Pauline McLynn.

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Scarlet Stiletto - The Second Cut. Phyllis King. Junior Science. Mick Jackson. Creative Accounting.

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Robin Bowles. Cosmic Kaleidoscope. The Blue Door.

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The Camp. Guy N Smith.

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Grizzly Tales: Terror-Time Toys. Jamie Rix. Seasons of Insanity. Gill Ainsworth.