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We can comfortably accommodate groups from 20 - guests and still take care of each and every member of your party! Join us for an unforgettable dining experience! FiCE is a create-your-own-meal concept that goes beyond your wildest expectations when it comes to satisfying each and every appetite. Learn More. Birthday Central! Our lively atmosphere is perfect for celebrations! No group is too big or too small. Partygoers of all ages get excited when they watch their creations transform into beautiful entrees on our huge grill. We will show you the barren beauty of this island, but also its people, to discover culture and traditional Icelandic cuisine is a part these tours.

With our Icelandic partners, we offer tours and all year round, as well as customized diving and adventure tours in Iceland.

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Expedition members usually arrive by plane at Keflavik airport in West Iceland where they transfer by bus or taxi to the national capital of Reykjavik. Overnight stay at a hotel. The tour will start the following day and you will get picked up at your accommodation. After the tour is finished, you will return to Reykjavik stay here for another night before leaving Iceland. Also you can extend your stay and rent a car to explore other areas, for example the amazing south coast with its black lava sand beaches.

Different tours and custom-made arrangements for small groups are available. The schedule will depend on the respective tour. This is an example of a five-day round trip:. Day 1: Arrival in Keflavik. Transfer to Reykjavik and overnight stay at the hotel. Depending on arrival time, a city tour or a visit of the thermal bath "Blue Lagoon" is possible.

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Day 2: We will visit the most popular dive site in Iceland: Silfra. On our way the guide will point out interesting facts about the history and geology of the park. It is your first chance to experience the fantastic visibility in Silfra as well as the feeling of being in a crack separating the North American and Eurasian continental plates. When we arrive at the dive site you will receive a detailed briefing about Silfra, the plan and procedure before gearing up and walking to the fissure. The slight current formed by the underground wells will make our dive in the crack an easy one.

At a depth of about 70m a hot spring has been releasing hot mineral-rich water into the ocean. As soon as the dissolved minerals in the hot fresh water come in contact with the cold ocean water, they react and solidify. Throughout the last Apart from huge quantities of mineral rich hot water, visible as an amalgam of haloclines and thermoclines, divers may see large schools of pollock swimming up and down the chimney.

As many as 15 specimens have been spotted on a single dive! Other highlights include a plethora of invertebrates, from giant sea cucumbers and anemonies to nudibranchs and the tiny, yet funny looking, skeleton shrimp. On both of those sites divers can explore the thermophilic flora and fauna that have developed and settled around the geothermal chimneys and feel the hot water that wells out of them.

We will complete two dives on these stunning underwater phenomena by RIB, weather permitting, which is almost always the case. This is a continuation of the same continental fissure that includes Silfra and is another exciting freshwater fissure with crystal clear water.

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The adjacent lagoon is huge and you can see much farther than m. Sometimes we spot arctic char, a type of salmon, in the fissure. Heated water erupts from below the bottom causing beautiful designs and ripples in the riverbed while you drift along the surface above. It will make even the most experienced divers wonder if it is indeed possible to have nitrogen narcosis while snorkeling! A third option would be to revisit one of the chimneys from day 2. This depends on the weather conditions and the gusto of the group.

(Until March 2020)

After the dive we have lunch in Akureyri as we de-gas for a couple of hours before the scenic drive back to Reykjavik where we will spend the night. After the dive we will have a steaming cup of hot chocolate and then head to the spouting hot spring area known as Geysir. Located in Haukadalur, it is the biggest geyser in Europe and truly impressive. Strokkur is a very reliable erupting about once every 8 minutes. You will have time to grab a sandwich at the snack shop of the Geysir Centre and visit the multimedia show and souvenir shop.

Our next stop is the most photographed waterfall in Iceland: Gullfoss!

follow url Tumbling down a deep gorge, it has a number of great places to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of natural Iceland. Even in the winter it is so powerful that it flows although it also freezes in parts. You will learn about the history behind this waterfall and the geological features that created the canyon. Day 7: Departure.