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He instructed the disciples to go to the other side of the sea. Initially, they took Jesus at His word, got into a boat with Him, and headed for the other side. But when a storm arose, they grew fearful and lost confidence that they would actually reach the shore. Through my study of these three passages, I had arrived at a simple, workable definition of faith: Faith is taking God at His word.

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Still, I had one more question. If faith is a matter of taking God at His word, what does God say about His word?

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I found the answer in Scripture itself:. His truth never changes. For instance, I feel things very deeply. At times I am so happy I think I will never be sad again. Other times I am so sad I think I will never be happy again…and still other times I feel almost nothing. This means that no matter how I feel or what I experience, I can choose to depend on the Word of God as the unchanging reality of my life.

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I look back on that summer evening and that homework assignment as a turning point in my life. That is the truth. That is where I am right now. But, Lord, Your Word says that You love me. Your love for me is one thing that stands when all else has fallen. At other times I have felt afraid or lonely or depressed. But instead I chose with my will to believe His Word. Even Christ had feelings. Their only choice, and the only choice for those in the same situation, is to maintain that current science is wrong. This is not as crazy as it might sound, because as we know, science continues to progress by means of finding out new things, about which we were wrong before.

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At one time, the luminiferous ether was a part of current physics, and phlogiston was part of current chemistry. Perhaps we can be confident that our understanding of religious doctrine is sound, but that if we hold out for future science, we will be vindicated.

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  • Scientific revolutions happen; the current understanding is frequently replaced by something completely new. The trouble with this strategy is that in many cases, it is simply extremely implausible. True, scientific revolutions happen, and correct mistakes in accepted science. But they never completely overturn the current understanding. The mass of evidence that supported the previous view is not overturned, just organized in a new way.

    To extend the example of Biblical creationism, it is reasonable to hope that evolutionary theory will refine and ramify, but is not reasonable to hope that we will return to a pre-Darwinian understanding. The facts about fossil dating and genetic transmission of characteristics must be a part of any future biology, and so there is no room for either a year-old earth, or for completely unrelated, independently-created species. We may give up on the big bang, but we will never go back to the crystal spheres with the earth at the center of the universe.

    So if a religious doctrine seems to require a pre-modern understanding of some part of the universe, it is not a reasonable strategy to wait for new scientific discoveries to vindicate the pre-modern view. The Bible says that love specifically, charity , in its original meaning is greater than faith. Categories : Religion Religious terms Philosophy of religion Science and religion.

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