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The vast amount of conflicting advice that has been published up to now has served only to confuse sufferers, and professionals, even more.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Facts presents a compassionate guide to this illness, providing sufferers and their families, with practical advice, based solely on scientific evidence. It is unique in being written by both a sufferer and a physician, both of whom have had extensive experience of talking to, and helping, patients.

Included in the book is a detailed guide to self-help, written from a patient's perspective, but evidence-based.

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The book also deals with a number of special issues, advising on how to choose therapies and therapists, and how to deal with CFS in children. The book additionally includes an overview of the history of the illness, looking at the nature and causes of CFS, and the opportunities for the future.

The book will be invaluable for sufferers from CFS, their friends and families, and the numerous health professionals who come into contact with sufferers from this illness. Added to basket. Alexander Lowen. Irritable Bowel Solutions. John Hunter.

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This is due, in part, to the perpetuation of popular stereotypes in the media. But many of these myths are also promulgated by official agencies, such as the CDC in the U.

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A study performed in by Jason et al. FACT: Stress does not cause diseases. Any illness that strikes hundreds of people within a short period of time is caused by a pathogen. Microbes are not personality specific. There have been consistent findings of reduced natural killer cell NK cell function, which is indicative of viral infection, B-cell abnormalities associated with autoimmune disease , and elevated pro-inflammatory cytokines, associated with immune activation. In addition, there are documented abnormalities in cardiac function , endocrine deficits, and inflammation in specific areas of the brain associated with memory and cognition. None of these is consistent with a primary psychiatric diagnosis. Many researchers and clinicians have pointed out that the study design was seriously flawed, and that the results of the study in fact showed no significant clinical improvement.