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Tie Me Down! Baby, you'd better get me back to that hotel. I'm trying to seduce you I've wanted to ever since I saw you that day in the elevator. I know you don't believe me, but I can prove it to you. You can't believe what you'd see, but you can believe what you feel. Lesbian Films Often Sensationalized: In the last few decades, lesbian film-making has been hampered by homophobia, funding difficulties, a limited pool of talented lesbian scriptwriters and directors, and the belief that marginal lesbian film audiences were unprofitable.

There were a few feature films that portrayed positive female sexual relationships, although it took many decades to get there: Desert Hearts , a ground-breaking low-budget film, was the first full-length lesbian-themed feature film written and directed by a woman Donna Deitch , and reportedly, the first mainstream lesbian movie to have a positive outcome in its plot. It told about a slowly-developing, unlikely yet romantic and intimate lesbian relationship in the late s between ish, repressed, prim literature professor Vivian Bell Helen Shaver from Columbia University, seeking a quickie divorce near Reno, Nevada, with a dude ranch owner's beautiful 'adopted' step-daughter - lusty, free-spirited, tomboyish casino cashier Cay Rivvers Patricia Charbonneau.

The film ended with the open-ended promise of the two being together.

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Claire of the Moon told about a Pacific Northwest retreat of female writers in the early 90s, attended by promiscuous heterosexual author Claire Jabrowski Trisha Todd who roomed with lesbian sex therapist Dr. Noel Benedict Karen Trumbo. The two engaged in long philosophical conversations about sexual politics before their relationship inevitably culminated in a soft-core romantic encounter. The film celebrated their lesbian romance, and ended slightly ambiguously with the two kissing - a typical ending for straight Hollywood romances.

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It set up a dichotomy between the bland and conventional heterosexual life of repressed and unfulfilled mythology Professor Camille Baker Pascale Bussieres and the passionate freedom she found when erotically and spiritually seduced by the surreal world of lesbian circus performer Petra Soft Rachael Crawford. The Wachowski's noirish gangster film Bound was a crime thriller in which butch lesbian ex-con Corky Gina Gershon met glamorous moll Violet Jennifer Tilly.

They were forced to keep things clandestine at their Vancouver sublet apartment during the prolonged visit of Maggie's divorced mother Lila Wendy Crewson and brother. Things concluded very happily when the truth of her sexuality was learned. However, after that one passionate night, he forms an attraction to her that is way more than just physical, but how is he supposed to convince her that the two of them should be together? This is a dark, erotic novel that displays unbridled desire and a dark part of the human psyche. This couple eventually finds out that falling in love is easier than they thought and that fantasies can, in fact, become reality — an idea that both of them are counting on for the future.

Jimmy is a rock-and-roll bad boy who lands himself in rehab, and he is immediately introduced to his new assistant Lena, who is hired to keep him out of trouble. However, there are two problems with this arrangement. The first is that Jimmy is determined not to be tamed, and the second is that things sizzle every time the two of them get together. Which one of these challenges will be the one to destroy them — or bring them together in a way neither of them is prepared for?


But when haunts, deceit, and painful hurts from the past come back and haunt her, what is she supposed to do? Should she trust the man she loves and trusts, or should she trust her instincts which are telling her that he has secrets as well? When push comes to shove, what will she do in the end — remain alone, or trust that neither of their secrets will be able to tear them apart?

Dix has a pit bull, a pawn shop, and a teenaged brother who gets on her nerves. But with her brother about to graduate, she is feeling like a change in her life — can anyone say Paris? When Dane, a cop, comes into her store looking for stolen goods, he changes her life forever. If she goes with her gut reaction, Dix could lose her heart and therefore her chance to get away from it all, but Dane is determined to show her that love is worth any sacrifice that she has to make for it.

Meeting up again at a charity auction, Anna and Brett go on a date after she wins that date in the auction. They knew one another in college, and Anna was the only woman to refuse him then, while she was the only one whom he wanted. In the middle is a story about Keri and Adam, who are both after the same killer. All three are about love, determination, and of course, passion. Intense passion. All of these combine when London heads out to England to start a new life and ends up working as a bartender in a sex club, which has gained her a lot of money, friends, and happiness.

When her husband notices this fact, he decides to do something about it, but what does he have up his sleeve? In fact, he has a lot up his sleeve, and Susie will not be let down by the list of activities he has planned for the two of them, even when their lives seem to be in danger because of it. When her house in ransacked she knows that she has taken the wrong thing from the wrong person. That is, until someone threatens to sell information to harass women online and Scott is assigned to keep her safe. Ari is a woman in control because she saw her parents divorce and decided that the only way to avoid having this happen to her is to keep a wall around her heart.

Until she meets Dane. But he is the one person who might make losing control worth it in the end. Lila has a successful career in Hollywood and has even started publishing steamy novels — under another name, of course, because she is a proper young lady. Few things are as exciting as love on the beach. When Ada, a woman with more than one secret in her past, meets Ethan, a self-centered alpha male who treats her like dirt, she finds it harder and harder to concentrate on her most important task — self-preservation that will allow her to live. Steamy, sexy, and very compelling, this story is about one Eve Brooke, who enjoys the most passionate night of her life when she finds herself in a brief affair.

She is having enough trouble forgetting about the affair, but what is she supposed to do when he moves right next door?

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After a while, she begins to think that fate has brought the two together again, but how can she ever know for sure? Their relationship takes a different turn during that weekend, and neither of them is sure how they will feel once the weekend is over.

Obsessed With Sex Dolls and Oval Office

A non-typical love story that will have you guessing until the very end. Sam is a monster hunter working in the Pacific Northwest and with no time for romance. Clay is a roadhouse owner who wants Sam as soon as he sees her curvy figure and her luscious lips.

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  • But Sam has been fighting demons all of her life, and she is not about to let anything stop her now. Until, that is, Clay shows her what she has been missing all this time. But the joke is on them when they find out that they actually have feelings for these women, making their competitiveness that much more intense. Hot and steamy and with unexpected endings, these two novellas will have you breathless from the first chapter to the last. Greyson is a successful businessman who knows what he wants, and what he wants is Evie. For sex addicts, no type of activity is too much to get the pleasure they need and desire.

    These are stories that include sex toys, Viagra addicts, a nervous virgin, and a dominatrix with a discipline problem. Settle back and enjoy their stories, which break every taboo you know of, and relish their lives and many exotic and passionate adventures. The dark story of a man with intense sexual desires, he ends up with a difficult decision — let her go or find out about her secret, which can be found in a small wooden box. A flirty, sexy novel, this is the story of a woman who has to figure out the rest of her life after a difficult breakup.

    Jane dresses up in stiletto heels and goes out with an ex-boyfriend, which results in mind-blowing sex. Her ex, Joe, intends to seduce her because he thinks she is hiding some valuable information from him, and his plan is to seduce her to get that information. If you like to read about sex in wild and kinky ways and which takes place in every room except the bedroom, this book is a perfect read.

    When Callie heads out west from New York City to experience some down time, she ends up getting roped-down and tied-up by some men she had no idea existed.

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    The sex is passionate and kinky, and she enjoys it a lot more than she thought she would. Emma Rochester craves sex. When she decides to accept an invitation to a Halloween party, she plans to use that as a way to find a man who will help her fulfill her fantasies. But when she finds herself working with Jacob on a Saturday, and noticing his furtive glances that keep coming her way, she realizes she has two choices — go to the party and maybe find the sex of her dreams, or go out with Jacob and see if he can fulfill those fantasies.

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    What a delicious dilemma! When a country girl meets a step-brother who ran off to the city many years earlier, the attraction between them is both provocative and intense. Now he is covered with tattoos and has a body to die for. She sees more kindness in him, he sees more sensuality in her, and before you know it, they are unable to keep their hands off of one another.

    After Molly moves into a new home, she finds the diary of the previous owner and starts to read through it. She discovers much is written about a man named Hugh, who obviously gave the previous occupant a lot of sexual pleasure. She decides to seek out this Hugh, and what she gets when she finds him is much more than she ever thought possible. Over time, she finds out that the diary did this man no justice, and she is continually looking forward to her next visit with him.