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Study at Advanced Higher Maths level will provide excellent preparation for your studies when at university. Some universities may require you to gain a pass at AH Maths to be accepted onto the course of your choice. The AH Maths course is fast paced so please do your very best to keep on top of your studies. Thanks to the SQA for making these available.

Questions and answers have been split up by topic for your ease of reference.

Unsure about Quadratics?

The AH Maths exam changes format in May There will now be two Papers, one calculator and one non-calculator. Paper One is 1 hour and Paper Two is 2 hours 30 minutes. Specimen Paper questions laid out by topic are shown below. Please find below excellent AH Maths Theory Guides which should be reviewed regularly throughout the course. A part of the highly regarded Maths in Action series, it provides students with a familiar, clear and carefully structured learning experience that encourages them to build confidence and understanding.

As well as students studying Advanced Higher Mathematics, the resources will benefit young adults studying A-Level Mathematics and undergraduates who need a little extra help. Subscribing to the Online Study Pack may therefore be one of your best ever investments. Unlimited use for all the teachers and students in your school. Please find below: 1. AH Maths Course Outline Unit One Thanks to the author s for making these freely available. Page 40 Exercise 3. Page 53 Exercise 4. Page Exercise 7. Mr Mitchel.

Covers the whole of the AH Maths course. About us Contact. About us This fantastic Maths resource was set up by a practicing secondary high school maths teacher. To read more about the story behind the site, please click here. For any questions, please e-mail us at the address below. Join our mailing list. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Follow us. Specimen P1. Specimen P2. Q2 ,4 ,8 , Q1a,b ,6. Q1c ,5 , Q7 , Q11 , Q1a,c ,6 , Q4 , Q9 , Q1c , Q5 , Q1 ,9. Q4 ,6 ,8. Q1 , International Law. Property Law.

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    Sports Trivia. Tarot Cards. Who Is It For? Learn Higher Maths. Prep for a quiz or learn for fun! Sample Decks: The laws of indices, Sharing in a given ratio, The nth term of an arithmetic sequence. Sample Decks: Number, equations and values. Sample Decks: Exam Revision. Sample Decks: Shape higher , Algebra higher , Number higher. Sample Decks: Exact Values. Higher Maths Flashcard Maker: rachael hamilton 19 Cards —. Notes and Examples on Euclidean Algorithm.

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    Euclidean Algorithm - note and example. TJ3 p87 Ex7. TJ3 p88 Ex8. TJ3 p89 Ex9. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. This Sidebar appears everywhere on your workspace. Add to it whatever you like -- a navigation section, a link to your favorite web sites, or anything else.

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