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The two that have come closest are interestingly two of the more reasonable that I came across.

Picking an XI of Only Selfish Cricket Players

Which suits me just fine. Although I think this may pip it at the post. Sequins are for life and not just a party. It looks more like a usual top as opposed to a lurex tube sock.

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This is superb. These are definitely something that you will have in your wardrobe for years. Just change the trousers or skirt as fashions sees fit. In my head they are exactly the same shape as the Bella Freud and the Uniqlo jumpers which are perfection with jeans, skirts and trews. There are also bottom options. And of course how could I forget a jacket?

Not to mention boots… Do I hear a cheer for sequins?

Having a selfish moment

How can you even contemplate the party season without a nod to the little shiny discs…. In the meantime though, taking advantage of the mild weather today with bare legs and no scarf. I have been waiting in today for the delivery of a new washing machine and tumble dryer, before which I actually did some exercise three Pilates classes this week having not been for over three weeks.

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I do in fact feel like Giselle Bundchen. I never thought I would be as excited over two domestic appliances.

Which appear to be more sophisticated than my laptop. Looking forward to washing? Someone get me a glass of wine quickly.

Tomorrow off to London. Whilst I move on to shiny bottoms….

The moment I realised ‘yeah I’m a bit of a selfish b*****d’

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November 16, This is one for me. Egocentric individuals will only cover up this personal potential, looking for ways to stand out and amplify their achievements. They award themselves more responsibility when a project is successful, but make a run for the emergency exit when the project does not turn out well. You can count on them to sail the ship, only and always when the wind is in their favor.

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Difficult and demanding challenges are not made for them. Panic, terror. It is then when you realize the pain you have caused and are causing to the people you love. Then is when you begin to grow and take risks.

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All of these tendencies mentioned here begin to change positively, and you begin to flourish in the right way. Stop being selfish; love your life and those around you. You release….

watch Sleep paralysis, scientifically known as hypnagogia, is a vivid perceptual experience that occurs at the beginning of the sleep cycle. Furthermore, hypnagogic hallucinations are highly vivid dreams full of visual, tactile, and auditory phenomena.